Monday, March 31, 2008

Here is a better picture of me next to my poor little green car. This is the place where they fix them or haul them away. Michael was very worried about what happend to it. He even said that he would give me his Wendy's money to help me buy a new car.

Kim wants a workout and Papas attempt to cook

This is my first attempt at blogging. It may take a little practice and not look as cool or be as clever as Kim's. The other Newtons of Colorado Springs have a much busier life than the Newtons of Kaysville. Ours is on the more mundane side.

Grandma and Papa sit around and decide on the dinner calendar what everyone is going to cook. One night we had macaroni and cheese with powdered sugar. Courtesy of Papa. Of course the whole fiasco was blamed on Grandma for not labeling every single container in the cupboard. Jennifer proceeded to make macaroni and cheese two nights later with no problem. Poor Papa.
Here is a list of inexpensive workout items

  1. Jump Rope

  2. Exersise Ball (when you sit on it your knees should be at a 90 degree angel)

  3. Resitance band ( they have handles and are usually made by SPRI) Yellow is light weight, green, red, blue is the most difficult.

  4. Dumbells are good, but you can get along without them. They don't need to be very heavy.

Boxing is a good way to burn calories. You will need gloves since hitting the bag with your hands hurts. Just turn on some music that you like and take your frustration out the bag. Put your left foot in front of you and hit with your left hand then your right hand. Kind of slump down like you have poor posture and always protect your face. I have taken some boxing classes at Dash. It is a fun workout.

The most important thing to remember when you workout is to protect your spine. Next time I will put some pictures up with a sample workout plan.