Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Black Beauty

At the End of April I got my new car and I love it. It was so great to finally have my own ride again. Four months without one was no fun it got old fast.

My job at Walmart it pretty interesting. The people are really nice. One of them is friends with Frank Garish. He makes movies on his days off. One day I met the very annoying Heather from the Biggest Loser. Everyone in Utah disliked her on the show.

Me with my "Black Beauty"


Kim said...

Black Beauty indeed. I love it.

Is Heather from Biggest Loser from this last season and was she married to a total slacker? I hated him and felt bad for her.

Fe Penley said...

When you're in doubt, go for black! I love how shiny black colors could make something look so deluxe! It's been years since you got your Honda car. Do you still own it? How's the performance today? Keep the blog updated! I am looking forward to seeing great stuff here on your blog. :)

Fe Penley